Why ES Xplore?

With ES Xplore, operators utilize a cost-effective method for direct hydrocarbon indication (DHI) that offers insights beyond structural information. The rapid and reliable DHI can be combined with seismic and well log data to reduce risk and locate subsurface oil and gas reserves. As a non-intrusive process that does not require an active energy source, ES Xplore enables an efficient, affordable process to yield greater subsurface performance.

Why ES Xplore - Conventional Seismic VS ES Xplore

Conventional Seismic

Complex, Active Source and Environmentally Intrusive

ES Xplore

Simple, Passive Source and Environmentally Non-Intrusive

Why ES Xplore - Direct Hydrocarbon Indication

Direct Hydrocarbon Indication

Why ES Xplore - Reduce Time And Costs – Survey To Spud

Reduce Time and Costs – Survey to Spud

Why ES Xplore - Environmentally Friendly (Passive Source)

Environmentally Non-Intrusive (Passive Source)

Why ES Xplore - Seismic Response – Seismic Resolution

Seismic Response – Seismic Resolution

Benefits – ES Xplore Enhanced Workflow

Detect directly the location of producible hydrocarbons in the subsurface.

Survey rapidly and adaptively based on near real-time results.

Make oil and gas prospects economically viable at lower oil prices.

Integrate ES Xplore data output with traditional well log and seismic data.

Accelerated Risk Mitigation

Accelerated Risk Mitigation

Oil/Gas Presence Defined Earlier

Focused Seismic Evaluations

Faster Acquisition and Processing

Smaller Areas to Interpret

Focused Leasing of Prospective Acreage

Project and Capital Efficiency

Project & Capital Efficiency

Earlier “Go” vs. “No-Go” Decision

G&G Focused on Prospect Maturation

Shorter Cycle Time Allows More Areas to be Evaluated, Scalability

Exploration Process Redefined for Geologists and Geophysicists

ES Xplore Answers “Where Are the Hydrocarbons?” and High Grades Specific Acreage

Multi-Zone ES Xplore 3-D Map

Increasing ES Xplore Response

ES Xplore Processes Data from All Depths Simultaneously

Bar Color: Warmer Colors Indicate Hydrocarbon Presence

High Grades Best Acreage for Drilling Sites