ES Xplore Applications

ES Xplore’s technology has wide application within oil and gas exploration. From well site analysis to better field delineation to prospecting in existing fields and ranker areas, ES Xplore can provide significant value to operators and mineral owners. Some applications of ES Xplore’s technology include those highlighted below.

Well Site Analysis - ES Xplore

Well Site Analysis:

Improve Well Performance Predictability

Well Site Analysis - ES Xplore

High Grading:

“Sweet Spots” for Drilling, Step Outs, etc.

Well Site Analysis - ES Xplore

Prospect Exploration in New/Existing Fields:

Rapidly Identify Attractive Prospects at Low Cost, High Scale and Avoid Unnecessary Leasing

Well Site Analysis - ES Xplore

Assessing Stratigraphic Traps:

Gain Insight into Areas Where Seismic Provides Little Information