ES Xplore Solutions

ES Xplore identifies oil and gas reserves by utilizing the earth’s naturally occurring electromagnetic signals, a process that delivers significant cost savings, greater accuracy and improved reliability, without requiring an active energy source or environmentally intrusive methods.

High De-Risking and Resolution

ES Xplore Solutions - De-Risk and Resolution Chart

And at High Speed and Low Cost

ES Xplore Solutions - Speed and Cost Chart

Advantages of Electroseismic Survey

Less Risk:

  • Reduces number of dry holes
  • Minimizes need for appraisal and delineation wells

Actionable Data:

  • Provides high resolution data consistent with seismic standards
  • Produces industry-standard readable logs to complement and confirm seismic findings
  • Rapid, responsive and flexible surveying execution

Passive Technology:

  • Environmentally friendly, with no need for active sources
  • Reduces environmental concerns

More Affordable:


  • Surveys significantly smaller areas compared to traditional seismic
  • Improves decision making