What Sets ES Xplore Apart?

ES Xplore’s technology is a direct hydrocarbon indicator (DHI).  The technology is totally passive. Unlike conventional 2-D and 3-D seismic techniques, which do not differentiate between water and hydrocarbons in a rock pore space, the ES Xplore technology detects hydrocarbons directly at seismic resolution. ES Xplore’s data can be collected rapidly at low cost and in an environmentally friendly manner. ES Xplore has collected data from thousands of survey sites across conventional and unconventional fields in North America.

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Why ES Xplore - Direct Hydrocarbon Indication

Direct Hydrocarbon Indication

Why ES Xplore - Seismic Response – Seismic Resolution

Seismic Response – Seismic Resolution

Why ES Xplore - Environmentally Friendly (Passive Source)

Environmentally Friendly (Passive Source)

Rapid, Responsive and Flexible Surveying

Rapid, Responsive and Flexible Surveying

Why ES Xplore - Reduce Time And Costs – Survey To Spud

Reduce Time and Costs – Survey to Spud

Supplement Conventional Seismic

Supplement Conventional Seismic

What’s New at ES Xplore?

Finding prospects that are geologically suitable, as well as economically efficient, has always been the biggest issue for conventional operators.

Dan Meyer, CEO of ES Xplore, sat on the 2018 Energy Innovation Pioneers panel focusing on game changing technology that will revolutionize the energy industry.

Jim White, President of ES Xplore, presents ES Xplore’s revolution technology at CERAWeek. ES Xplore was selected as 1 of 5 Innovation Pioneers for the event.